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2022, the year in numbers

After doing a little number crunching I thought that it would be good to share some facts and figures to show just how much and what sort of diving JBOD was doing in 2022.

In the last calendar year, I did 108 dives with depths ranging between 4.5m and 57.4m and an average of 20.68m. These dives were between 17 and 97 minutes long with an average of 48.74 minutes. Dives were in the UK as well as St Lucia and Egypt.

2022's dives used various kit configurations: 43 dives used a rebreather, 40 with a single wing, and 25 used my travel scuba set-up.

The split between fresh and saltwater was reasonable; I did 62 dives in freshwater compared to 46 in the sea. As for water bodies I did 45 dives in quarries (almost exclusively training in Capernwray), 17 in the Red Sea, 13 in various lakes in Cumbria, 8 in the Caribbean, 5 in the Irish Sea, 3 each in the Sound of Mull, Firth of Clyde, and the North Sea, 2 each in the Atlantic Ocean, Holy Loch, and Ardmucknish Bay, and one each in the River Leven, and Duke's Dock.

Variety being the spice of life meant that I had 32 different buddies - I'm counting everyone in the group I dived with rather the actual person I was beside where there were multiple divers together.

The variety of buddies reflects the way JBOD integrates with other BSAC clubs and other organisations. Other than JBOD members, I dived with Liverpool University, Lancaster University, and Richmond BSAC.

Obviously, all of the dives were pleasure but 35 were where I was instructing and 73 were bimbling, fish counting, and wreck exploring. The instruction was with the University of Liverpool, University of Lancaster, and a new CCR diver for JBOD.

I managed to dive 51 different sites in England, Scotland, Wales, St Lucia, and Egypt of which 12 were new places or new locations at familiar places.

In all of the diving we've done we have had no reported diving accidents.

Many thanks in no order to all of my buddies: Yap Wei Jun, Tim Allen, Seth Harris, Russell Blyth, Rosie Horner, Peter Masheter, Peter Crompton, Paul Crinnion, Paul Bradley, Neil Turton, Luc Edwards, Louise Lim, Lily Eaton, Liam Shore, Jon Coleman, John Power, Jessica Liu, Jamie Smith, Harry McVicar, Hannah Short, Evie Argyle, Dillon, Daniel, Daisy Benn, Charles Orgeret, Carla Miller, Ben Morton, Andy Nuttall, Andy Lane, Andrew Humby, Andre St Omer and Alice Cousins.

I'm now looking forward to another even more successful diving year. Hopefully, I'll see you down there!

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