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Birks Bridge

It was typically awful Bank Holiday weather but Alistair and John persevered and met up at Birks Bridge in the Duddon Valley at around 1030. Approaching from Seathwaite, Alistair saw the bridge and was early enough to get photos, whereas John arrived from the North and drove straight past only to turn around in Seathwaite. Quite how they managed to miss each other is a mystery!

After some consideration an entry point down river was chosen rather than risking the rock climb or a giant stride! The swim up river was rather difficult especially for those with a a DSLR and strobes! Somewhere under the bridge is a swim-through but on consideration it did look a little tight.

After 5-10 minutes our intrepid divers reached the waterfall and saw the very large salmon and their cohort of smaller fish. A bit of looking around was indulged in before the high speed drift back to the entry point. Lunch was taken at the Newfield Inn in Seathwaite which was excellent.

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