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Helping the scouts

Some of the JBOD training team went to the Chamboree to help BSAC give one thousand try dives to scouts. After the lovely weather recently it was a bit of a come down to arrive in the pouring rain!

Discussions about appropriate diving gear had been going on for days. In the heat of the previous week a 3mm or 5mm wetsuit didn't seem a bad idea whereas a drysuit seemed overkill. By Sunday morning everyone had decided on a drysuit although Hannah had left hers in Sheffield days before the weather turned so had to wear the JBOD club suit which is about 6" too tall with size ten feet for her size fives and new, very tight cuffs. Once Hannah was wearing all of he clothes and Alistair's base layer the suit sort of worked for her.

The pool was the largest 1m deep paddling pool you can imagine with a very rickety ladder. This didn't phase the scouts though and it was a busy morning followed by a busy afternoon of try dives punctuated by a baked potato. All of the scouts seemed to enjoy the experience as did all of the divers. Hannah even managed to fit in an impromptu lesson in back-finning with Jamie during a lull in the try dives. Back-finning isn't the easiest thing to do while wearing a massive dry suit with overly large feet and massive fins but we'll be reporting on Hannah's progress! JBOD and BSAC love helping scouts. If you're a local scout group and would like a go then please contact us.

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