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Penwortham Gala 2018

After years of discussion about whether we should take part in the Penwortham Gala Hannah, our secretary, signed us up for the parade and a pitch where we could have a marquee and park the boat after the parade.

The day before the parade Quentin and Alistair went to get the RIB which was very flat. It was parked on John's drive, emptied of all sorts of dive stuff and pumped up ready for a quick start the following morning.

On the morning of the gala there were two teams: Quentin & Alistair set off with the RIB to get in position for the parade while Mark & John set off for the park with the marquee and demonstration kit. After dropping off the RIB on a deserted street, Alistair and Quentin walked through to help put up the marquee.

As the parade groups gathered JBOD's RIB was surrounded by dancing girls and boys from the Amanda Rogers School of Dance as the JBOD show team of Sue & Scott were installed on board in their seashell bikinis. And then it started! Quentin managed to successfully negotiate all sorts of tight turns to get us all safely round the parade and back to the park.

A successful afternoon was had promoting JBOD and diving.

Congratulations to Lesley who won our raffle for two free try dives. Thank you to all of the JBOD people that helped out on and before the day: John, Mandy, Mark and Helen for cakes and stuff and managing the marquee; Quentin for towing the boat around; Hannah for actually booking us the gig in the first place; and especially Sue and Scott for being the talent on the back of the boat.

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