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RIB Maintenance

Adrian, Mark and Alistair have been working on the RIB to get us seaworthy for the summer (and hopefully the spring).

The unused aerial which just gets in the way has been removed as has the wires going to it. The GPS it was plumbed into which didn't really work has also been removed. The aerial's last useful job was to model our lovely JBOD flag from Kevin at East Midlands who organised the recent Menai RIB Run.

The unused depth gauge and speedometers were also removed being as they were just cluttering up the back and engine bay.

The steering hydraulics are halfway installed. The old pipes are out but we need a bit of modification on the console to complete the fitting at the steering wheel end and a little bit of work at the engine end to get it finished there too. That'll hopefully be done next weekend.

What with all the excess bits removed we now might have more room aboard! A RIB test run will be arranged as soon as the work is complete.

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