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The Falls of Lora

After what seemed an endless wait through the dark days of winter the JBOD diving season kicked off with our first overnight trip of 2018. Not that our diving season ever ends really as we dive throughout the year!

Alistair put some considerable thought was put into the recording of the dive. He dismissed his DSLR as being a little too delicate and his baby Nikon doesn't have the depth rating. Eventually he decided to invest in a Paralenz and use video. The results are mixed...

Adrian, John, Peter and Alistair all set off from Preston on Friday lunchtime for the long drive to Dunstaffnage Marina where we were staying at the Wide Mouthed Frog. The drive was long and a little slow through Glasgow.

At the Wide Mouthed Frog rooms were assigned and everyone went to unpack. Moments later Adrian, John & Peter were back in reception after the anticipated twin rooms were in fact doubles. The rather accommodating chap on reception sorted things out after confessing that he wasn't surprised to see them all back in reception. A little while later Andy arrived and everyone set off for tea at EE:Usk in Oban which was excellent.

Diving was scheduled for a very agreeable 1100 ropes off which gave Darren time to arrive from Mull and everyone a chance to digest a lovely breakfast before boarding the Cearban in Dunstaffnage Marina.

Falls of Lora, dive 1

The first dive was the Falls of Lora. Shane the skipper explained that he'd put everyone in on slack so that they could enjoy the dive. Some of us thought slack might be a little tame but were soon proved wrong! Adrian and Darren went in first followed by a four of Alistair, Andy, John and Peter. Everyone rather expected separation which of course soon happened as Andy disappeared. Alistair, John and Peter carried on - not that there was a lot of choice - in a loose tangle of divers. Everyone was soon picked up and safe.

Breda, Dive 2

After a lunch break everyone enjoyed a dive on the Breda. The visibility was unusually good with Darren and Adrian going all the way through the wreck from end to end through the holds. Andy's arm was very wet at this point as his Kubi dry gloves aren't so dry which necessitated a bit of DIY to try and fix things.

After diving dinner was planned for the all-you-can-eat curry house in Oban. Everyone was full at the end, especially Adrian Five Plates!

The following day was another leisurely start but this time there was no lunch break to ensure a reasonable get away.

Falls of Lora, dive 3

The Falls of Lora was again the first dive. We were all put in at the same place as the previous day as the tide had turned rather more rapidly than anticipated the previous day. Andy decided to skip this one considering his wet arm and save himself for the second dive.

Darren, Adrian, Alistair, John and Peter all swam along together for a while before Alistair, John and Peter split off. They then enjoyed a lovely wild drift through the remains of a shipwreck and bits of bridge. Darren and Adrian thought that they'd crossed to the other side until they surfaced in the middle.

Breda, Dive 4

Due to engine issues the next dive was the Breda again. This was rather popular among dive boats and consequently the visibility was quite poor.

Many thanks to Adrian for driving all the way there and back. Thanks to everyone that turned up for a lovely weekend. Thanks to the Wide Mouth Frog for sending Alistair's hat back after he left it in the bar.

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