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Last Minute Trip To Loch Long

Arthur's Easter trip to Eyemouth was sadly blown out so, still keen to dive, Adrian drove John, Hannah and Alan all the way to Loch Long and back on Friday. (Thanks to Mandy for babysitting Otto!) Was a long day with a few loo stops but a good site and easy to get to. When the satnav said we were there we had a look around and spotted some dive gear in one of the cars which confirmed we were in the right place! A little while later the divers reappeared and gave us directions for which way to aim underwater. They'd done their two dives before we arrived so were off just after midday.

All agreed good to go, so quick change in the cold and into the water. High tide made some big rocky steps into the water but when we got out there was a little bit of a beach to walk back in on so a lot easier. Hannah was supposed to lead the first dive (out, 6m, then left to concrete blocks around 18m, back right to A frames and North ish out). After Alan and Adrian faffed with some torch thing underwater, sense of direction was lost so Adrian pointed (left presumably) and we swam off.

Vis at first was crummy, amazed we stayed together but it soon cleared up. Torches were a must as it was pretty dark. Saw starfish, sea snails (welks?), hermit crabs, crabs, squat lobster, dogfish, urchins(?) and probably other things.

John's suit leaked (he said user error) from his neck so he was cold and wet so decided against a second. The others went back in and aimed for the A frames as there was more life there. After 20 mins or so Hannah lost the other two/ they left her so she headed back. Cold hands by that point too, though the water was a whole 7 degrees! Adrian and Alan appeared at the shore not long after and we packed up to go. There was a BnB nearby (green kettle maybe?) and presumably other places on that loch/ nearby to dive for future reference.

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