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The Christmas Dive

The 2017 JBOD Christmas Dive was planned as a drift down the River Leven followed by lunch at the Swan Hotel. it's a formula that we've used before and it seems to work well.

We met at Fell Foot park for a civilised half past ten. As some of the members had been at Mandy's birthday party the night before it was considered prudent to not start too early! After a little organisation it was agreed to empty the cars of kit and move them to the Swan for later leaving only non-divers to ferry the drivers back. This almost ended in disaster when Sue drove past the Swan up the hill towards Barrow but she turned around and came back. John carefully put his keys in his bag.

Helen and Lynne were surface support/dog minders/designated drivers and were entrusted with Hannah's new puppy Otto who was on his first visit to a big park.

Entry was at a little dock point as the river exits from Windermere. There's a fair current at this point so as everyone set off many people held hands so as not to be separated immediately. Not Alan though, he lost Adrian and Quentin immediately.

Alistair was careful to (a) not lose Hannah and (b) not get stuck in the whirlpool at the first bend of the river. Having accomplished this they both played frisbee. Adrian and Quentin also played frisbee earlier.

John and Sue set off last but somehow overtook Alistair and Hannah somewhere. They managed the fastest drift.

In the corners the river is slow, deep and dark whereas on the straights it is shallow and fast as well as somewhat lighter. The straights are lovely for the true flying drift experience.

As the marina approached Alistair and Hannah surfaced to find Alan behind them. Quite where he'd been remains a mystery.

After changing in the car park and comparing dry suit and glove wetness everyone went into the Swan for a lovely lunch. John followed a little later after searching all his pockets four times for the car keys.

Many thanks to Helen for booking the table and driving us. Thanks too to Lynne for driving and dog minding. Thanks to everyone that managed to get to the dive and make it fun.

Thanks to all for making 2017 a success for JBOD and here's to a successful 2018.

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