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Mark's trip to Loch Fyne

After much arrangement and planning team JBOD and friends arrived in Inveraray on the last weekend of October. We were staying at the Inveraray Hostel and were accompanied by the Gift, JBOD's RIB, as well as Chocolate Orange, Chorley BSAC's RIB. Dinner, final planning and drinks were taken at The Inveraray Inn on Friday night before an early start on Saturday. The food was good, the drink in moderation and planning was enough.

The two RIBs and their coxes Mark and Ged were launched using the slip and tractor at the Argyll Caravan Park and were then loaded with divers and kit. Mark coxed the Gift and was joined by Andy and Keith, Adrian and Maria as well as Alan and Alistair. Ged coxed Chocolate Orange assisted by Alex with the buddy pairs Darren and Simon as well as John and Quentin.

The weather was a touch breezy but the RIBs stayed close to shore and were relatively sheltered. We dived Kenmore Point in the morning and then Stallion Rock in the afternoon. Viz was good although it was quite dark.

The RIBs were left moored on a handy buoy for the night which meant Alistair and John had to swim in from the mooring; it was at this point John realised why Alistair had kept his hood on.

Dinner was taken at the George which was very good as usual.

A slightly later start on Sunday as the RIBs were already in the water. Alistair and Alan had been volunteered to swim out and retrieve the RIBs but fortunately the coxes got a lift out from another club. The weather was much calmer and the loch was flat.

Both dives were done as wall dives near Kenmore Point after recommendations from the chap that runs the compressor at the Caravan Park. Again, the viz was good but the water dark.

The drive home was overly long for many as there was a problem on the A82. Mark and Adrian were stopping and driving home on Monday so had a leisurely tea and John and Alistair luckily took a diversion and used the ferry from Dunoon but everyone else was stuck for hours. Many thanks to Mark for organising things and for being the cox of the Gift. Thanks to Ged who stepped in at the last minute to cox Chocolate Orange and should have bought his diving kit too. Thanks to Adrian and Alan for towing the boats. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a lovely trip. Photos were taken by Alistair and Ged. We're already planning on going back next year.

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