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This girl can!

Alex contacted us earlier this year to enquire about learning to dive as she's about to go off on a year of travelling and would like to dive while she's there as it could help her future studies in marine biology.

Being a just minute kind of girl Alex did her five pool lessons on consecutive evenings Wednesday whilst revising for exams and learning to drive. We also managed to fit in the theory lessons on those Wednesdays! And all this coupled with coming down from Burnley to learn with JBOD.

The open water sessions were on the weekend following the last pool session.

JBOD is very pleased to congratulate Alex on achieving her Ocean Diver certification.

With such a tight schedule a huge number of favours were needed: Alex's auntie who put her up on Wednesday nights, Chorley BSAC for the use of their pool, Mick for loan of his drysuit, Jayne for the loan of various bits of dive kit, Mark for being surface support, Kate for being a willing CBL victim and the JBOD training team for their efforts.

JBOD wish Alex all the best on he travels and hope she'll be back diving with them in the near future.

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