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Manoeuvres on Windermere

After being blown out from a planned trip to Rhyl to dive the Calcium and do some chart work practical it was decided not to waste the weekend and to take the Gift to Windermere.

The team arrived for 1100 at Ferry Nab. After a brief delay the Gift was registered for the lake, all applicable fees had been paid and John had managed to show the warden two forms of identity with a home address. The loaded boat was quickly launched and Mark was installed in the driver's seat before setting off for the other side of the lake.

Both GPS's agreed on position which was positive. We had a depth reading which seemed vaguely accurate when dead slow but became wildly deep as soon as we picked up speed. All three radios (the boats, Anton's and Alistair's) all communicated correctly.

After pottering around looking for the Vospa without a bearing or mark and relying on vague memories from shore dives it was decided to head for Beech Hill where there is apparently three wrecks all in a row at 18m. Quite soon divers were in the water following the shot to the wrecks. I say wrecks but there is little evidence of them other than sticking up bits of superstructure as the rest of the boats have been swallowed by the mud. Visibility was low. It was quite cold. But there was a small pike and lots of perch to make it all worthwhile. The depth was suitable for everyone in the club (although a maximum of 6 divers using a single cylinder for each sortie by the Gift seems enough).

The party returned to Ferry Nab for hot drinks and a very late lunch. Then John was put through his paces by Anton.

Recovery was a straight forward business. Many thanks to Mark for not running anyone down and recovering us so well. Thanks also to Anton for towing the Gift and fixing all sorts of bits in the last week. Thanks too to Iain for the new name lettering so everyone knows the boat's name is the Gif or he Gift... Thanks to everyone else for the great day out.

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