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Training with Lancaster

Alistair met Nick from Lancaster Uni at Capernwray to train his Sports Diver students. There were four students and so Alistair was joined by another instructor Neil. John was due to come too but was ill on Saturday so dived with the JBOD massive on Sunday and videoed.

Saturday was all about Controlled Buoyant Lifts and towing. Alistair's students Mattie and Fred did an excellent job with their lifts as well as the towing, de-kitting and recovery positioning. Neil's students had a good time too although the chap in the wet suit learned a very valuable lesson!

On Sunday Fred had a sore back and Neil needed a lie in so Alistair was teaching Mattie and Tom.

Dive #1 was line laying and simulated deco tops. This is Alistair's favourite training dive as he gets to kick up as much silt as possible for the students to reel back through.

While Alistair was off having fun the JBOD massive (John, Alan, Quentin and Amelia) dived together. Quentin's suit leaked and Amealia's hands were very cold so they declined a second dive and went to explore warmer options for the forthcoming River Leven dive. After lunch dive #2 was a bit of exploration and DSMB deployment. Alan and John followed so that John could video the performance.

Thanks to all that came and made it fun.

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