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Sea Trials 2017

After a period of inactivity for the Gift during which she's been cleaned and the tubes have been sealed sea trials were called for! Adrian, Anton and Alistair met at Knott End on a bitterly cold morning and after dressing in every layer available launched the Gift and set off.

Alistair started driving with a trip up to the River Lune with a view to stop at Glasson Dock for a well deserved brew. However shortly after entering the estuary it became very shallow so they headed back out to sea.

Anton, being a seasoned boat operator, was overseeing Alistair and Adrian who were both getting practice at driving, manoeuvring and general boat handling. Both Alistair and Adrian have now picked up the big pink buoy numerous times as it managed to "fall" overboard with alarming regularity. They have also practised the slow approach for picking up a diver with the buoy as well as a random balloon. The balloon was suitably dispatched and its remains were brought ashore for disposal; it was from a McDonald's Happy Meal which ironically is just what it isn't for marine life.

A lunch stop was made in Fleetwood where a well deserved full breakfast was enjoyed along with warming drinks.

After lunch some more practice was had out at see before practising berthing and mooring skills against innocent lifeboats in the Wyre while waiting for the tide to come up and room on the launching ramp.

Many thanks to Anton for his teaching skills and to Adrian for towing the boat. A really good day out.

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