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Exmouth & HMS K17

Adrian, John and Alistair went to Eyemouth for a weekend of deep wreck diving in early December. Leaving after work meant a long dark drive with only a stop for fish & chips at Gino's in Hawick. Ropes-off was early so it was an early night too.

On Saturday morning it was a lovely bright day with calm seas with Jim at the helm for the four hour steam to the Exmouth. The divers amused themselves either talking or sleeping. The dive on the Exmouth featured excellent visibility (20m) and the water wasn't too cold either. Alistair was amazed (a) that he didn't get lost after a wreck briefing the previous night and (b) that he remembered so little from the last time he'd dived the wreck.

Saturday afternoon was spent steaming back to Eyemouth, dining on Ethel's excellent hotpot, sleeping and talking. Adrian decided his dinner starter before landing and sure enough a few hours later he was tucking into nachos in Oblo.

Sunday morning was a more civilised start and a shorter steam out as the wreck is near the Isle of May. The dive on HMS K17 was much better than expected - diving in the estuary of the Forth can be a gritty affair. Visibility was reasonable although it was very dark. The sheer size of the submarine was amazing as it's much bigger than other submarines and has fitted 4" deck guns.

Steaming back to Eyemouth meant a treat of pie and soup.

Many thanks to Jim and Ethel for looking after us all. Thanks to Adrian for driving us all the way there and back. Thanks also to everyone that made for an excellent trip.

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