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JBOD Helps Out

CCR Try Dives

John and Alistair have been helping out BSAC North West Region by assisting with CCR Try Dives at various clubs. So far they've been to Phoenix Sub Aqua Club in Skelmersdale, Bury Sub Aqua Club (see pictures above) and Droylsden Sub Aqua Club (see pictures below).

Droylsden gets the JBOD award for the clearest and cleanest pool with clear viz easily from end to end and not a sticking plaster to be seen!

If you are interested in BSAC CCR Try Dives then contact the North West Regional coaching team who can arrange things for you.

Manchester University Training

JBOD's training team have been helping out Manchester University by doing Ocean Diver sessions with the club's new intake. It's a very rewarding experience to see the students start as absolute beginners but after only a few weeks they're starting to become proficient divers.

JBOD's training team will be in Manchester again soon to complete the pool sessions and will hopefully be helping out once the open water sessions start.

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