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RIB workshop

A group of the JBODers gathered at Anton's garage to work on the RIB.

Iain and Alistair traced and removed unused wires from the boat all the way from engine end to console. Once done everything still fired up much to Iain's relief. A little bit of work still needs to be done and Iain is desperate to mount a proper ocean going compass.

Anton, Adrian and Alistair removed, greased and replaced the wheels. Somewhere along the way a fitting was added to wash the brakes too.

John got cleaner. Then he went to get better cleaner. John and Joe washed the tubes which are actually orange! Alistair helped a little bit - he's especially good at spraying with the hose.

Mark read the GPS instructions. And gave moral support.

The reported leak on the tubes was found. As were a number or others! There is now an Aquasure vs Black Witch debate unless anyone knows better that is!

Obviously there's more to do and everyone is welcome to come down and help. Many thanks to everyone that attended and helped with the work.

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