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Trearddur Bay, July 2016

Despite the glorious sunshine of the week before and the fact that all of the team were wearing shorts it was somewhat damp in Wales. As ever everyone met at Costa at the Gateway Services and after breakfast Adrian jumped in with Alistair to do the navigation as John knew the way.

After wandering around Anglesey for some time taking in, amongst other things, RAF Valley; Alistair and Adrian were somewhat late. fortunately nobody else was diving so there was plenty of parking.

Adrian, Alistair and Joe went in together leaving John to buddy up with his Maldivian dive buddy Pete who not only had never dived in a dry suit but this would be his first sea dive in the UK.

Alistair was getting a wet arm reasonably early on in the dive which he suspects was his freshly fitted yellow dry gloves (actually it wasn't that) so after circumnavigating a small rock for 45 minutes in 5m got out leaving Adrian and Joe to head deeper.

After changing back into clothes Alistair went to be surface support. He watched John and Pete perform the surface swim of shame back to shore from quite some distance - they were fine as the passing flotilla of sea kayaks didn't need to perform a rescue. Adrian and Joe appeared around the same time under a DSMB in the bay.

Once he got his breath back Pete was unruffled, liked his dry suit and enjoyed the UK sea... not that he's been seen again.

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