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Swanage not Eyemouth

Many of us had looked forward to the Eyemouth Deep Trip for months but as the week went on it became apparent that the wind was going to win. After a certain number of discussions with Iain at MarineQuest it was cancelled with plenty of time for John to re plan the weekend.

By lunchtime on Thursday John had booked a B&B and arranged two days of diving in Swanage for four. While packing that evening Dangerous Dave's rebreather said no which left three - John, Adrian and Alistair.

The intrepid trio left Lancashire on Friday morning spending some time on the M6, M6 Toll, M42, M40, A34 and all roads South and on through Bournemouth and Sandbanks to the ferry and then on to Swanage arriving mid afternoon.

Saturday morning was dedicated to diving Swanage Pier. John's plan was to dive it twice before the boat dive on the Kyarra in the afternoon. The visibility under the pier was so horrendous that those with long arms couldn't see their own hands. After half an hour of pretty much solo diving Alistair and Adrian bumped into each other getting out. John was out a few minutes later. There was no second dive and an extended lunch was taken.

The last time JBOD dived the Kyarra the viz was so poor that Mark almost swam into a hold and got lost forever. This time the viz was excellent and our intrepid trio managed to swim the length of the ship and back (once John had remembered to descend that is!)

The following morning it was an early start to get an even better parking spot on the pier before going back for breakfast where John accepted to Alistair's point that sausage on a diving day is a bad move after feeling a little queasy under the pier. A little later ropes were off for the Aeolian Sky.

It wasn't quite slack when the team descended onto the Sky. the uncharitable might say it was running like a train. Adrian and Alistair were puffing after dragging themselves to the bottom of the shot; John was too but he'd taken it easier after worrying himself about over-breathing his scrubber. Once organised the team set of for the stern; after realising they were actually at the bows that is! There is lots of boat and a fair bit of Landrover parts to look at on the way as well as a Conger. Viz was good although there was lots of particles in it.

Dive two was on the bows of the Black Hawk which sank in the war. Slack wasn't quite hit again but it wasn't so bad. The viz was a bit gritty. After a look around the wreckage the dive turns into a drift with a DSMB up. John had to let his go so Adrian was promoted in the field to DSMB holder and the team drifted off along the bottom of the sea. On the way back the boat got a lump of wood stuck in a prop so a diver was put in to clear the problem. John and Alistair were starting to thing they were jinxed on boats...

The drive home was a long slog arriving just before midnight. Alistair and John did need to vouch for Adrian's good character after he was questioned by a police sergeant about hitting his son at a motorway service station and fitted the description of "fat bloke wearing a green shirt and drinking coffee next to the sign". The sergeant seemed happy enough once it was explained that Adrian's son was in Chorley and he wouldn't dare hit him in case he fought back.

Many thanks to John for his planning skills and Adrian for his driving.

A good weekend was had by all that made it.


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