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First time at Stoney Cove

John, Adrian and Alistair made the long trip South to dive in Stoney Cove. John and Alistair, despite diving for over ten years, had never been to Stoney whereas in contrast Adrian was a local with a few visits. Alan was delayed coming home from Madeira so couldn't make it.

Dive 1 was a surface swim to the buoy over the deep bit and dropping down the line to the bottom at around 35m. A leisurely swim back after a aimless bimble underwater guided by Alistair's pigeon sense brought the team back to the jetty where they'd set off from. Dive 2 was an excursion to the Stangarth. It was a little crowded which made penetration a little chaotic but good fun was had by all. A diversion to the bus before getting back to the very same jetty again completed the dive.

Lessons learnt: when you're told that using trimix as a suit inflate is cold they're not joking!

It was nice to bump into Sophie and Woz. As our regular readers will realise, JBOD moves with the upper echelons of BSAC!

Thanks to John for driving and to his sister in law for all of the mints on the way home.

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