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Eyemouth at Easter

JBOD's first trip away this year was to a favourite destination, Eyemouth, where we dive with Marine Quest. We arrived on Good Friday in time for lunch on Good Friday before ropes off. The diving team was Keith, John, Alistair, Andy and Arthur with Mark as boat boy and we were joined by John, Adam and Phil from our favourite retailer Dive Life.

Just before the first dive Keith realised he'd left his fins at home so wasn't going to dive. A little later Arthur discovered that his cuff dump had fallen off so lent his fins to Keith. The first dive was Fast Castle which is a scenic bimble below a ruined castle on St Abb's Head.

The second dive was Tye's Tunnel which is a cave system. Arthur was diving with a plastic bag stuffed cuff dump and felt reasonably dry. At first. John managed to forget his stage. The tunnel got very chaotic very quickly with divers everywhere so the JBOD team set off for the sanctuary of the reef. After losing John on the way and then Andy & Arthur (who was wet and cold) Alistair surfaced too. John almost got Jim's engine snagged with his DSMB line but got away with only a cut line.

The Dive Life lads were only up for one day - apparently they had to open up on Saturday.

Dinner was taken at Oblo where everyone enjoyed the Haddock. Friday night was very windy and there was some doubt that there would be diving in the morning.

Saturday morning was fine. Keith had been home for fins and dry suit spares so everyone was ready to dive.

The first dive was West Hurker. Keith had joined Alistair and John leaving Andy and Arthur as a buddy pair. John didn't get down before the current took everyone else as his flow stop was shut. Everyone else enjoyed a lovely dive until they needed to picked up outside of the shelter from the wind which was a little feisty.

The second dive was very sheltered. This time it was Keith that missed out having jumped in without a weight belt. Alistair and John found lobsters as well as a Sea hare.

Many thanks for Jim's excellent boat handling as well as everyone that went. next time we'll be back to the well oiled machine of last season...

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